Guy/Girl Rule: Due to past abuse, our Co-Ed rules do NOT allow more guys than girls. Please do NOT ask the other team if it's okay, it's not, it will be a forfeit.

Time Limit: Unless you are playing in the last time slot of the evening, the match ends at the end of the time-slot. If score is tied, 1 tie-breaker point will be played. Teams are encouraged to start their games early if court is open!
Sussex Place - Volleyball
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Summer 2014 League
  Monday 4-Person B Standings
  Tuesday Co-Ed 6 B+ Standings
  Tuesday Co-Ed 6 B Standings
  Tuesday Co-Ed 6 B-/C Standings
  Wednesday Co-Ed 6 B Standings
  Wednesday Co-Ed 6 B-/C Standings
  Thursday Co-Ed 6 B-uppper Standings
  Thursday Co-Ed 6 B-lower Standings

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