• Map to Sussex Bowl
    N64W24576 Main St., Sussex
    1/2 mile east of Sussex Kohl's store.
  • Map to Loggers
    1751 Wis. Hwy. 175, Richfield
    North of the Hwy's 167 & 175
    stop-sign, first driveway on the left.

The Wandering Volleyball Club

Formerly of Sussex Place. We just want to play!
A huge thanks to our temporary homes:
Sussex Bowl and Loggers Park.

Sub List

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Volleyball Sub List
NameContact League TypeSkill LevelLast Update

Mike M. (sign-in for contact info) All B 05/17/2019
  Comment: I am 6'7" I have played off and on for years looking to have some fun on the court.
Tyler K. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ 04/25/2019
  Comment: Going to be moving to the area towards the end of May/beginning of June for my job. Love to play and am looking to meet some new friends.
Danyee H. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ 02/26/2019
  Comment: I've played volleyball for many years including all through high school and two years of college volleyball. I love playing with positive people who are competitive but also like to have fun!
Tammy N. (sign-in for contact info) Co-Ed 6 B- 04/14/2016
  Comment: I started playing in an Eau Claire bar league 2 seasons ago. I'm from Australia so I really had never touched a VB b4 moving to the US. I'm usually quite comical to play with, My team in EC were B+/A- and I did pretty well at keeping up but 4sure not a B+
Samantha L. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ 04/20/2015
  Comment: I played volleyball through middle school and high school. I was on a intramural volleyball my freshmen year of college. :) I'm 22 and looking to start a team or join a team!! I usually play front row and loveee serving!!! :)
Roman & Marcie B. (sign-in for contact info) All B 04/11/2015
  Comment: We just moved to the area and as a couple we are looking for a team in Sussex or Pewaukee area for all summer. Both have played for many years. Fun and friendly solid players and like to win !
Bud S. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ 03/08/2015
  Comment: Interested in being a sub. Ultimate goal: would like to pull together a team (possibly from this sub list), for co-ed 6. Love playing competitive, but don't want to overshadow having fun and enjoying playing.
Victoria M. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ 02/22/2015
  Comment: Played volleyball for 5 years in high school. Always the libero, I LOVE the back row and digging everything I possibly can. 5'8" 22 years old, Live ten minutes away from the complex and can be available on very short notice. Dedicated, and fun- loving :)
Sarah B. (sign-in for contact info) All B 08/25/2014
  Comment: I am competitive, hardworking, and give my all at v-ball. I played volleyball in high school and played intermurals the last 3 years of college. I just moved to the area and love playing volleyball. Let me know if you ever need another player!
Damian K. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ 06/30/2014
  Comment: Competitive, flexible, maximum effort. 6'3" aggressive net play. Available most evenings.
Dan S. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ lower 06/12/2014
  Comment: 26/6'1, Athletic. Have played in competitive intramural leagues to Rec leagues. Aggressive on the net, solid defensive play. Available Thursday - Monday at most anytime. Minimum 30 min notice.
Brian S. (sign-in for contact info) Co-Ed 6 B+ lower 05/27/2014
  Comment: My team (It's always so darn tight) has played in B upper/B + on tue nights. We are unable to get people to play this summer. I'm interested in subbing or joining a team on tuesdays. I'm tall, have been playing for years, and specialize in hitting
Sean G. (sign-in for contact info) Co-Ed 6 B 05/07/2014
  Comment: I just started playing volleyball during the summer. I use to play in high school. I am good at setting, bumping, digging, and serving. I give 100% and stay positive. I'm open most days. If anyone is interested in making a team keep me in mind.
Casey K. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ 02/21/2014
  Comment: Dedicated, hardworking, loves long walks on the beach...
Jay O. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ lower 01/08/2014
  Comment: If you are in a pinch, I can usually play on short notice.
Randy F. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ 09/30/2013
  Comment: I played for KMHS and indoor club teams throughout high school, but I didn't have much time to play during college. I am looking for a competitive team to join or sub for.
Kevin H. (sign-in for contact info) All A 09/16/2013
  Comment: I can set, hit, whatever you need. Play alot and want to keep sand between my toes this winter. I would prefer 4s but 6s is fine. I may be willing to join as well. I can play Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun. Call or Text. Doubles on Sundays anyone??
Evan B. (sign-in for contact info) All B upper 09/02/2013
  Comment: I have played on multiple volleyball leagues, Sussex Place being one, for the last 3 years. I didn't have people this year to make my own team so I can play if you need me! Call/text me any day/time, I will have clothes ready in my car!
Erica P. (sign-in for contact info) Co-Ed 6 B+ 07/28/2013
  Comment: Hi! My name is Erica and I am looking for some new places and people to play volleyball with. I have been playing volleyball for many years on women and co ed teams. I am looking for some competitive, but fun people that love volleyball like I do!
Joel O. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ lower 06/26/2013
  Comment: Right on the edge of B and B+ can hit well but no bullets by any means, very good overhand server. I have been playing many different levels for about 15 years with a few breaks here and there. For 4-man i make a good setter or back row.
Sharon L. (sign-in for contact info) Co-Ed 6 B 05/16/2013
  Comment: I've played on a B+ team the last 2 seasons, but am really a B player, willing to sub on a B+ or B. Unavailable on Thursdays.
Tom L. (sign-in for contact info) All B lower 04/30/2013
  Comment: Just moved to the area. Looking to play!
David C. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ lower 04/30/2013
  Comment: very good at serving, spiking, set up. played for years in different rec leagues. Just moved and looking for a team
Kelley C. (sign-in for contact info) All B lower 04/30/2013
  Comment: Looking for fun team to join that is more for fun then competition. Can serve and set up well.
Becky N. (sign-in for contact info) 4-Person B+ lower 04/27/2013
  Comment: Looking for a team!!!!! I have years of experience playing in different competitive leagues and open play. Would love to find a team who is also competitive and fun to play with! :)
Christopher Z. (sign-in for contact info) Co-Ed 6 B lower 04/23/2013
  Comment: Hi, I just moved to Sussex and can play on Mondays or Tuesdays and possibly the weekends for the spring and summer. I'm a southpaw that played in B and C leagues at the Silver Spring House.
Duane B. (sign-in for contact info) All B+ lower 04/10/2013
  Comment: I used to play at Fat Daddies all the time but don't go back there anymore. I'm looking for new teams to play with. I am a solid B/B+ player looking to join a team and/or sub occasionaly.
Brenda L. (sign-in for contact info) All B lower 03/16/2013
  Comment: Getting back into playing. Played in hs and a few bar leagues the last couple years. I coach 7th grade girls, I know just enough to stay above their level! :)
Cindee B. (sign-in for contact info) Co-Ed 6 B lower 03/04/2013
  Comment: 0ld, but experienced, ha.
Ben B. (sign-in for contact info) All B lower 01/28/2013
  Comment: Play on a B team, or even sub for them.
Joe H. (sign-in for contact info) All B 01/23/2013
  Comment: I Like Volleyball .. There Nightly
Ashley P. (sign-in for contact info) All B lower 01/10/2013
  Comment: I played through high school and a few years in college. Open most nights to play.
Gary V. (sign-in for contact info) All B upper 01/09/2013
  Comment: Mon - Wed for possible sub
Robert M. (sign-in for contact info) All B upper 01/08/2013
  Comment: playing for 3 years, usually fast on the courts, 5'7"
Adam W. (sign-in for contact info) All B lower 01/04/2013
  Comment: Can sub on Wed or Thurs.

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